On 1987 José Marco Iborra decides to start an adventure without a traced path, to commercialize an exotic fruit called kaki, whose variety was (Chato-Cristalino). Soon he gets to consider kaki as a fruit with a future, due to this and after a satisfactory result, decides to continue production in small quantities with a new variety (Tomatero o Segorbino). Due to the good acceptance of the kaki in the market and to the innovation of the variety (Bright Red), the company Marcos Iborra Fruits is founded in 1998, which decides to bet heavily on the Persimmon Kaki. As of today this family company continues to be at its peak. The incorporations of the descendants of the company’s founder, Felipe Marco, and later Marcos Marco, give the business a youthful character and future expectations full of enthusiasm and innovation.


Nowadays we are expanding the range of products, innovating and specializing in the citrus fruits’ world, “Oranges and Clementines” working with both products, with and without leaf.

Persimmon Kaki's Benefits and properties

Kaki is an exotic fruit that has become fashionable. It has a thin skin that protects a juicy, gelatinous and very sweet taste pulp. Being picked on its little advanced ripeness point and with its post-harvest treatment, we obtain a Persimmon Kaki with a firm and crunchy touch.

Persimmon Kaki Nutrition Facts

Data showed per every 100 grams of Kaki.

Multiple benefits for health

It contains carotene and cryptoxanthin, both with Vitamin A activity, very interesting on nutritional terms, with a high content of vitamin C. Rich in potassium, sugars and glucose. They have an antioxidant activity with beneficial effects. They reduce the risk of certain degenerative diseases (cancer, cardiovascular, cataracts, etc).




Marco Iborra Fruits product's control

Traceability is a tool that allows us to reconstruct the history of a certain product since its growth in the field until it reaches the client. Through different systems of codification and the corresponding links to the databases we are able to know  to which processes and treatments have certain fruits been subjected.


All the product controls and the processes that integrate the MARCO IBORRA FRUITS quality system are joined through the conductive thread that traceability holds.

Nowadays, European clients and selling points demand to receive a safety in the quality of the products they acquire and subsequently offer to the final customer.


Due to this reason, traceability constitutes as a technological piece that is perfectly well developed and integrated in the MARCO IBORRA FRUITS working system. Through this tool we offer to our client a deep knowledge of each of the practices carried out and provides the customer with quality guarantees, confidence and safety.



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